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Evans Vanodine High Class

Evans Vanodine High Class Neutral hard surface cleaner. Very versatile high performing all-purpose cleaner. Suitable for all daily & general cleaning tasks. Ideal for damp mopping or in a spray on wipe off cleaning system. Will clean polished floors without affecting the gloss or dulling the surface. Recommended for spray cleaning in conjunction with a high speed floor machine. For use on vinyl, rubber, terrazzo, marble, polished floors. Especially effective on windows, glass, mirrors & painted surfaces. Leaves a clean, fresh, deodorising tangerine fragrance. Low environmental impact product.

Rokleen Trolley Maxi Complete Microfibre System

The Maxi trolley is made from a resin coated, stainless steel structure. Easy to clean and extremely light in use. The Maxi has lots of storage space including a lockable tray at the rear. Each trolley contains. Red & blue 12ltr cloth containers with lids.  20 ltr mop carrier with hermetic sealed lid. Red and Blue wash net carriers.  3 x Anti slip rubber handle holders. Rokleen Maxi Trolley

Socket Mopping Quick Response Trolley

A compact trolley system designed for use in busy areas, where a quick and efficient response to cleaning is required. Simple to store, where space is an issue, these trolleys are light and easily manoeuvred. The Quick Response Trolley comfortably holds the 15ltr bucket & wringer. The clip at the front secures the mop handle into place during transportation. There are hooks on the side of the trolley to hold items such as wet floor signs, dust pan & brushes etc. There is a caddy at the bottom to hold other items. The trolley features two 4 litre buckets holders, and a sack holder at rear. Mopping Quick Response Trolley resize

Urinal Blocks

Urinal Blocks

Bio-Productions are the innovators behind the original non-pDCB urinal block. We formulated active cleaning agents into a safer, less environmentally damaging water-soluble urinal block that maintains clean, odour-free urinal-traps and pipes. Each time the urinal is used, water softening and cleaning agents are delivered into the trap to clean and maintain the pipework to prevent odours and blockages. Each 3kg tub contains 150 blocks on average Available in yellow or blue. (1)


Modular Bulk Fill FOAM Soap Dispenser White Plastic 900ml

Liquid, spray, foam soap or gels – this multi-purpose dispenser works with more hand care products than any other on the market, and uses interchangeable pumps to allow perfect dispensing of a variety of products. You can also choose to dispense soap from a refillable reservoir, or fit disposable soap cartridges or pouches. The clever ‘arm-lever-free’ design reduces SKUs, minimises dirt traps and makes the dispenser much more durable.

soap 900ml