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Sachets Exotic Citrus Solid Air Fresh 12 x 150g

Source: Sachets Exotic Citrus Solid Air Fresh 12 x 150g


Sachets Exotic Citrus Solid Air Fresh 12 x 150g

Sachets Exotic Citrus Solid Air Fresh 12 x 150g. Product Performance. Our formulation matches or betters the brand leader in perfume quality, concentration and product life. Each tub is 150g containing cellulose gel, 2-5 % fragrance. The life of the air freshener matches or betters the brand leaders. These solid air fresheners offer fantastic value for money. We stock four fragrances, please click on the link to go straight to our web site. Each case contains 12 x 150g Gels.


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An overview of industrial mops now available

Socket mop heads, colour coded socket mop head red, green, yellow, blue, no14 socket mop head, hygienemix mop head, 250g socket mop head colour coded, Kentucky mop head, twine Kentucky mop head in sizes 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, colour coded twine Kentucky mop head, stay flat microfibre mop head, microfibre flat mop head, SYR, CHSA Cotton Twine Mophead c/w Colour Coded Tags, The true classic Kentucky mops. Traditional quality with excellent absorbency. Narrow saddle. 100% cotton yarn in cut end, SYRSorb Tic Socket Mop Cut End Midi, nonwoven mop head, hygiene mopping. Colour coded for designated mopping areas. Non-woven, highly absorbent fibre, 50/50 mix of polyester and cotton. Antibacterial triclosan spun into yarn, Universal colour coded rust-free plastic Exel socket collar fitting screws or pushes onto handle. Choose from thick absorbent cotton yarn for everyday mopping or thinner twine cotton yarn that is durable for a more professional finish. Dry and damp single use mops are disposed of after use so that no germs or pores are left after mopping. Ideal for hygiene sensitive areas, especially in healthcare, hospitals and food preparation. Cost-effective and versatile this 2-step system lets you use both dry Innovative Bucket-Free Mop Handle. No more wringing out mops – No more preparing pre-soaked flat mops – No more flat mops drying out! Stream has its own integral 500ml reservoir that allows you to activate jets of water or solution ahead of the mopping frame. Bucket-free mopping on hard floors and stairs up to 140m2 area. And damp mops with the same dispad, frame and handle. A single mop can clean up to 25m2. Mops

Carousel Coreless Toilet Tissue Dispenser

The Carousel Coreless is a truly cost-effective solution to “High Traffic” washrooms. The Carousel Coreless dispenser boasts a capacity of 384m when full, offering 80% more capacity than its nearest like for like competitor. The Carousel Coreless translucent cover will reduce labour time opening the dispenser to check if refills are required. The Carousel Coreless dispenser is lockable ensuring your product stays secure whilst in use and not disguarded in the washroom. The Carousel Coreless uses next turn technology, this allows the consumer to bring the next toilet tissue into play simply by turning the large dial at the front of the dispenser.  This helps to ensure a constant availability of toilet tissue for the customer minimising the risk of running out. The Carousel Coreless will hold 4 x 96m rolls of toilet tissue Product Code LHD500. This product is compatible with the Coreless Carousel Toilet Tissue.  Product code LHP0431



RED Scouring Pads. Approximate Size 9″ x 6″

RED Scouring Pads. Approximate Size 9″ x 6″ Colour coded pads for general purpose cleaning and washing up, Catering Quality Scouring Pads Ideal for colour coding your cleaning regime.  10 per pack.  A cost effective solution to all general purpose scouring applications.



Heavy Duty Floor Cloths.

Heavy Duty Floor Cloths. A versatile and heavy duty cloth ideal for use in multiple applications. 10 cloths per pack. Heavy Duty Floor Cloths are ideal for use within the catering industry and particularly kitchens. Excellent at absorbing spills and removing stubborn stains with the Abrasive quality of the cotton.