Carousel Coreless Toilet Tissue Dispenser

The Carousel Coreless is a truly cost-effective solution to “High Traffic” washrooms. The Carousel Coreless dispenser boasts a capacity of 384m when full, offering 80% more capacity than its nearest like for like competitor. The Carousel Coreless translucent cover will reduce labour time opening the dispenser to check if refills are required. The Carousel Coreless dispenser is lockable ensuring your product stays secure whilst in use and not disguarded in the washroom. The Carousel Coreless uses next turn technology, this allows the consumer to bring the next toilet tissue into play simply by turning the large dial at the front of the dispenser.  This helps to ensure a constant availability of toilet tissue for the customer minimising the risk of running out. The Carousel Coreless will hold 4 x 96m rolls of toilet tissue Product Code LHD500. This product is compatible with the Coreless Carousel Toilet Tissue.  Product code LHP0431




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