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5 Litres of Biological Washroom Cleaner & Odour Neutraliser

The New May Monthly Offer from Lancashire Hygiene. Blu-Away is a biological cleaning formula combined with a refreshing mint fragrance that eradicates odours & staining from acid and lime-scale deposits in urinals, toilet bowls and even on wash room surfaces.  A great all in one washroom cleaner. To view this offer and all your other cleaning requirement needs click here ->


Burnshield Hydrogel Spray Bottle 125ml

Burnshield Hydrogel Spray Bottle 125ml
Immediate Effective Treatment – Soothing, Cooling Relief for Burns, Scalds and Sunburn

Provides a Protective Barrier and Prevents the Burn Progressing through Healthy Tissue and Causing More Damage the sooner burns and scalds are treated, the better the outcome. To treat to skin damaged by flame, steam, hot water, sun or other intense heat, it is important to have the appropriate first aid supplies on hand and to use them as soon as possible after an incident occurs.


P23 Burnshield Hydrogel

17″ Standard Speed Floor Pads BLUE

17″ Standard Speed Floor Pads BLUE

Wet scrubbing or medium duty spray cleaning. Removes heavy dirt and scuff marks

Exceeds at soil removal and absorption of soil residue without impairing performance due to clogging. Cushion fit to the contours of uneven floors. Splinter free non clogging pads

High density fibres and long lasting abrasives. Centre hole punch out for attachment to most rotary floor machines. 5 Pads per case.



Microglass Cloth Blue


Microglass: A microfibre cloth that is specifically designed for smear-free glass cleaning

Microglass: Can be used as a professional alternative to chamois and scrim. Ideal for stainless steel. Washable. W: 40cm D: 40cm


MSBU4001L Microglass Blue




Deb Stokoderm Sun Protect 50+ UV Sunscreen Spray 6 x 200 ml

Professional use sunscreen with UVA and UVB SPF50+ protection for outdoor workers.  A water resistant, spray liquid format for quick skin absorption and easy application. Moisturises the skin with 24-hour hydration to counteract dryness of sun stressed skin. Product type: Skin Care Product

The Deb Skin Care System™ Protect. Locations of use: Outdoor, Heavy Industrial, General & Light Industrial Office/Commercial/Leisure Construction. Marine