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Microfibre Long Pile Mop Head Green

Microfibre Long Pile Mop Head Green. 80/20 Polyester / Polyamide. Long pile holds more water & dirt. No need for pre sweeping Ideal for safety flooring. Great for larger mopping areas, canteens/kitchens. Colour coded. Approx. size 40cm x 13cm. 9.60 To be used with the Uniko Clip Frame Code No LHB278. 16.30 long-pile-microfibre-green

Toilet Rim Hangers

Toilet Rim Hangers

Specially formulated toilet freshening and cleaning blocks with slow-release fragrance and scale inhibitors.

Each block provides a foaming, sanitising and cleaning action every time the toilet is flushed.

Available in Citrus, Marine, Pine and Floral fragrances