A selection of our latest Chemical offers

Evans Vanodine Clean & Shine. Neutral floor maintainer. Cleans & restores the gloss on floors treated with a metallised floor polish. Removes scuff marks & increases durability of the polish.

Citra Clean Concentrate. Our most powerful and versatile cleaner. Provides impressive results when used to remove janitorial and most industrial. soiling on all types of surfaces and most textiles.

Evans Vanodine Carehands. Barrier & moisturising cream. Multi-purpose non-greasy barrier & moisturising hand cream. Provides skin protection in wet & dry working conditions.

Bio Blocks (Toss Blocks) Biological Urinal Blocks The original Toss Blocks, these urinal blocks contain special bacterial cultures that clean and deodorise urinal traps and pipes while enabling great savings of water to be made.

Evans Vanodine Clear. Window Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner. High active, extremely efficient window, glass & stainless steel cleaner. Cleans quickly & very effectively.

Evans Vanodine Auto Rinse Aid Multi 5 ltr. Formulated using a blend of low foaming surfactants to promote rapid drying of drinking glasses, crockery & kitchen utensils. Eliminates water spotting to provide excellent sparkling streak free results.

Evans Vanodine Citrand. Lemon beaded hand gel. Soft mobile hand cleaning gel. Will quickly & easily remove medium to heavy oil, grease, grime & everyday soiling.

Evans Vanodine Clean Fast EN1276. Heavy duty washroom cleaner. Highly efficient multi surface bactericidal cleaner. Quickly removes limescale, body fat & stubborn soil.

Evans Vanodine Protect. Disinfectant cleaner. Concentrated multi-purpose detergent & disinfectant. Will clean & disinfect in one operation helping to prevent cross contamination.

Evans Vanodine EC2 Super Concentrate Degreaser 5 ltr. Multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner & degreaser. It is unperfumed & has been formulated for use in the food & all general industry. Easily removes ingrained soil & heavy grease from a variety of washable surfaces. https://goo.gl/TfwYsa




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