Hardware Products 

Hardware Products Salmon Overmoulded Ultra-Hygienic Squeegee Head 600mm Blue | Red | Green | Yellow. This innovatively designed product is made out of FDA approved food grade materials and will not absorb moisture like conventional designs do. For removing excess liquid in high risk areas. Plastic Colour Coded Household Bucket 10 ltr Blue | Red | Green | Yellow. Wet Floor Warning Sign. Made from polypropylene. ‘A’ frame design. Bright and noticeable warnings on both sides. A must have for all wet floor areas. 24″ Height. Synthetic Dustmaid 43cm. Ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas such as radiators and blinds. Standard Cleaners Caddy. Lightweight durable plastic. 3 Separate compartments for segregation. Keeps all cleaning tools tidy and easy to carry. Triple Wall Tidy Green Keep your broom cupboards tidy with this high quality push and grip system which accommodates 3 handles from 9 to 35mm diameter. Available in 5 colours including white. Ideal for the safe storage of mops and brooms. Colour coded. Please click on the link below for more information.





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