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Lancashire Hygiene Invites you to view our new clearance page

Lancashire Hygiene Invites you to view our new clearance page. Due to the large range of cleaning products being added weekly to our new look website, we have started to add items to clear at reduced prices to make room in our warehouse.

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Toilet Rim Hangers

Toilet Rim Hangers

Specially formulated toilet freshening and cleaning blocks with slow-release fragrance and scale inhibitors.

Each block provides a foaming, sanitising and cleaning action every time the toilet is flushed.

Available in Citrus, Marine, Pine and Floral fragrances


5 Litres of Biological Washroom Cleaner & Odour Neutraliser

The New May Monthly Offer from Lancashire Hygiene. Blu-Away is a biological cleaning formula combined with a refreshing mint fragrance that eradicates odours & staining from acid and lime-scale deposits in urinals, toilet bowls and even on wash room surfaces.  A great all in one washroom cleaner. To view this offer and all your other cleaning requirement needs click here ->


Are you an owner, manager or responsible for any of the following;

Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Rest Homes, Nursing Homes, Nurseries, Primary and High Schools, Academies, Colleges, Councils, Office Environments or anywhere where you need to and should ensure your Staff, Residents, Pupils and the General Public are in the most hygienic surroundings possible. Lancashire Hygiene specialise in offering exceptional value for money with no minimum order on all your cleaning products, food processing chemicals, office cleaning supplies, Janitorial and Hygiene hardware products, hygiene supplies, packaging materials and all your catering and general cleaning requirements visit.


Safe Zone Virucidal Disinfectant

Safe Zone EN1276. Virucidal disinfectant for treating hard surfaces & soft furnishings contaminated with potentially infectious soiling. Will remove general soiling & disinfect in one operation. Kills a wide range of pathogenic micro-organisms to help prevent infection. Passes EN1276. Safe for use on carpets & all hard surfaces. Unperfumed. Can be used where food is prepared or served. Ideal for use in nursing homes & health care establishments.

Bio Blocks (Toss Blocks) Biological Urinal Blocks

Bio Blocks (Toss Blocks) Biological Urinal Blocks. The original Toss Blocks, these urinal blocks contain special bacterial cultures that clean and deodorise urinal traps and pipes while enabling great savings of water to be made. Whilst we do not advocate ‘waterless’ urinal systems, a typical urinal need only be flushed about three times each day when using Bio Blocks. Bio Blocks do not contain carcinogenic pDCB or other harmful or dangerous chemicals and are particularly suitable for use in public buildings such as hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as schools and institutions where care should be taken to protect people and the environment.

Urinal Blocks

Urinal Blocks

Bio-Productions are the innovators behind the original non-pDCB urinal block. We formulated active cleaning agents into a safer, less environmentally damaging water-soluble urinal block that maintains clean, odour-free urinal-traps and pipes. Each time the urinal is used, water softening and cleaning agents are delivered into the trap to clean and maintain the pipework to prevent odours and blockages. Each 3kg tub contains 150 blocks on average Available in yellow or blue. (1)