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Mushroom Litter Bins

Mushroom Litter Bins Playground Classroom Lime. Keep your schools and playgrounds litter free, by encouraging use of these brightly coloured bins in the distinctive shape of a Mushroom. This range of litter bins are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Manufactured in the UK from recycled and recyclable polyethylene, with an internal galvanised steel liner. These new bins are colourful, fun and eye-catching and will give your staff and visitors plenty to talk about!…/mushroom-litter-bins

page 10 mushroom with door graphics - mudr



Washroom Supplies @ Lancashire Hygiene

Lancashire Hygiene supply a vast range of products to compliment your washroom.  Toilet Tissue from standard luxury toilet rolls to high traffic toilet tissue systems, Luxury Paper Hand Towels, over sixty types of Hand Soaps including Moisturisers. A full range of dispensers to give your washroom that professional look. Facial Tissues. Air fresh systems and cleaning chemicals to help maintain a clean and welcoming environment.  For more information please click on the link below to visit our website.



Catering Disposables 

Catering Disposables Professional quality Cling Film 450mm x 300m presented in a cutterbox. Used in commercial kitchens, Restaurants, this is a very low migration film. It is a PVC based film, with excellent cling properties, soft, flexible & strong. Seal in freshness easily Catering Disposables Non-stick silicone paper for baking and wrapping. Convenient tear-off sheets. No need to grease tins. Withstands temperatures up to 230C. Perfect for lining cake and pudding basins, wrapping cold meats or freezing separate portions. Extra strong, Extra-long 75m roll Professional Catering Aluminium Foil, for storing, lining, wrapping and roasting, in cutter box, long-lasting foil roll. The 45 cm wide roll of aluminium foil is a perfect solution to completely lining roasting trays. Catering Disposables Food trays including lidded food trays. Cold cups 7oz and poly cups 10oz and 12oz. Order pads in both duplicate and triplicate. Disposable plastic cutlery including knives, forks, desert spoons and tea spoons. Please click on the link below for more information.

32C09_Caterwrap-PVC-Cling-Film-45x300m-Left new

Cleaning Machines

Cleaning Machines SEBO is the established leader in professional uprights. Their quality construction and ergonomic design show that SEBO stresses optimum function and longevity. Many of the most famous and prestigious buildings around the world are cleaned with SEBO machines, as well as hospitals, hotels and airports. Cleaning Machines With a 36 cm cleaning head the BS 360 can clean a wide range of facilities and the replaceable brush strips make it economical to run for long periods. Able to clean flat to the floor, it can reach under furniture and its L-shaped head lets it clean under radiators. Ride on scrubber dryers Suitable from 1500 m²: Kärcher ride-on scrubber dryers are the comfortable alternative to large walk-behind machines. Particularly manoeuvrable thanks to their narrow width! Step on scrubber dryers Users of these machines stand on the platform. The innovative step-on concept combines the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind with the speed of a ride-on.These machines are step-on versions Walk behind scrubber dryers Clean small areas quickly: These scrubber dryers ensure sparkling cleanliness between customer visits. More economical than wet wiping from 100 m²: Please click on the link below for more information.

push sweeper 70 20


First Aid Products 

First Aid Products Plaster Washproof Hypo-Allergenic 6cm x 2cm x 100. Hypo-allergenic adhesive. Excellent adhesive properties. Comprehensive range. Sterile /individually wrapped. Box contains 100 plasters. Conforming Bandage 10cm x 4m 12 per pack. Made of highly stretchable fabric, a conforming bandage easily takes the shape of the area it is applied to. Perfect for injured joints, this versatile product to support strains and hold dressings in position. First Aid Products  Burnshield Hydrogel Bottle 125ml. Immediate Effective Treatment – Soothing, Cooling Relief for Burns, Scalds and Sunburn. Provides a Protective Barrier and Prevents the Burn Progressing Through Healthy Tissue and Causing More Damage. Biohazard Kit – 5 Treatment Packs. Body Fluid Disposal & Containment System: For the safe and effective handling, containment, disinfection and disposal of infectious micro-organisms contained in blood, vomit, urine, mucus, faeces and semen. Eye/Wound Wash Pod Station Wall Plate Complete 20ml. Eyewash station wall plate. 10 x 20ml Eyewash. 2 x Eye pads. Emergency Premier Burns Kit 01-10 Person. The Premier Burncare kit comes in a polypropylene box. The red box makes it highly visible and easy to identify. The kit provides effective and fast treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn at home or on holiday. Please click on the link below for more information.



Baby Dream Sensitive Baby Wipes Extra Thick

Other Products Workwear PPE  Hi-Vis Saturn Yellow Bomber Jacket Large Conforms to EN 471 Class 3. PU coated, waterproof outer fabric tested to EN 343. Fully taped seams. 100% Polyester quilted lining. Embroidery access. Mobile phone pocket. Map pocket. Internal pocket. Other Products Electrical lighting products 2D 28W Square Lamp 4 pin 3500k. Energy saving 2D Style CFL Lamp Not suitable for use with dimmers, time switches or photo cells. Other Products winter Rock Salt Brown Large Bag. Is the ideal product if cost is a leading factor. If the salt is going to be spread over a large area such as roads or car parks then this is the perfect product. As a result of its cost effectiveness. Other Products Nursery Products Baby Dream Sensitive Baby Wipes Extra Thick. An alternative product particularly developed for babies who have a tendency to react to regular baby wipes. 12 packs per case, 72 sheets per pack. Other Products Entrance Matting Luxury pile finish, 9mm high, stops dirt at the door and holds moisture too! 100% polyamide synthetic fibre, flexible PVC anti-slip UV resistant backing. Machine washable up to 40 C. Can absorb 2.5 litres of water per square metre. Wet and dry soiling. A compact trolley system designed for use in busy areas, where a quick and efficient response to cleaning is required. Simple to store, where space is an issue, these trolleys are light and easily manoeuvred. The Quick Response Trolley. Please click on the link below for more information.


Hardware Products 

Hardware Products Salmon Overmoulded Ultra-Hygienic Squeegee Head 600mm Blue | Red | Green | Yellow. This innovatively designed product is made out of FDA approved food grade materials and will not absorb moisture like conventional designs do. For removing excess liquid in high risk areas. Plastic Colour Coded Household Bucket 10 ltr Blue | Red | Green | Yellow. Wet Floor Warning Sign. Made from polypropylene. ‘A’ frame design. Bright and noticeable warnings on both sides. A must have for all wet floor areas. 24″ Height. Synthetic Dustmaid 43cm. Ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas such as radiators and blinds. Standard Cleaners Caddy. Lightweight durable plastic. 3 Separate compartments for segregation. Keeps all cleaning tools tidy and easy to carry. Triple Wall Tidy Green Keep your broom cupboards tidy with this high quality push and grip system which accommodates 3 handles from 9 to 35mm diameter. Available in 5 colours including white. Ideal for the safe storage of mops and brooms. Colour coded. Please click on the link below for more information.



Floor Maintenance Pads 

Floor Maintenance Pads Removes scuff marks and dirt while producing a high gloss surface. Exceeds at soil removal and absorption of soil residue without impairing performance due to clogging. Cushion fit to the contours of uneven floors. Splinter free none clogging pads. Floor Maintenance Pads Ultra High Speed Floor Pads Beige. For everyday burnishing to a high gloss finish. Amazing quality professional burnishing floor pads for high speed floor machines operating at 900rpm – 3000rpm. 5 Pads per case. Non aggressive wet scrubbing or light stripping pad for heavily soiled floors. Exceeds at soil removal and absorption of soil residue without impairing performance due to clogging. Cushion fit to the contours of uneven floors. 17″ Standard Speed Floor Pads Black
Exceeds at soil removal and absorption of soil residue without impairing performance due to clogging. Cushion fit to the contours of uneven floors Splinter free non clogging pads
High density fibres and long lasting abrasives. Centre hole punch out for attachment to most rotary floor machines 5 Pads per case. Please click on the link below for more information.



Gloves BLUE VINYL POWDER FREE Sizes Available Small | medium | Large | X-Large UNIQUE SINGLE HYGIENE DISPENSE. GLOVE SYSTEM REDUCING THE RISK OF CROSS Examination glove’s – regular duty Beaded Cuff – providing additional strength and preventing liquid roll off Latex Free – to reduce the risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions Blue Vinyl Glove’s provide easy identification in food production Ambidextrous DOP and EHP free Powder free. CLEAR VINYL GLOVE’S POWDER FREE Sizes Available Small | Medium | Large
CROSS CONTAMINATION.  LATEX GLOVES LIGHTLY POWDERED Sizes Available Small | Medium | Large | X-Large UNIQUE SINGLE HYGIENE DISPENSE GLOVE SYSTEM REDUCING THE RISK OF CROSS CONTAMINATION Natural examination gloves. Beaded Cuff – providing additional strength and preventing liquid roll off Excellent strength and tactility. Powdered for ease of donning. Very close fitting giving a high level of touch sensitivity. Ambidextrous. Silicone free. Please click on the link below for more information

gloves blue