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Toilet Rim Hangers

Toilet Rim Hangers

Specially formulated toilet freshening and cleaning blocks with slow-release fragrance and scale inhibitors.

Each block provides a foaming, sanitising and cleaning action every time the toilet is flushed.

Available in Citrus, Marine, Pine and Floral fragrances




Wet Floor Warning Sign

Wet Floor Warning Sign. Bright and noticeable warnings on both sides. Made from polypropylene. ‘A’ frame design. 24″ Height. Statistics state most slips happen on wet or dirty floors. These areas need to be cleaned immediately to ensure a safe working environment. Whilst carrying out cleaning tasks ensure wet floor signs are used during the cleaning process and remain in situ until the surface is dry and safe to be walked on. Click on image for more information > https://goo.gl/XiPJtH

wet floor sign

Floor Scraper Kit Complete Stone/Ceramic. Steel Professional Contractors Floor Scraper

Fitted with a Stone/Ceramic Blade. Ideal for removing stubborn soil or chewing gum. The kit comprises of a 54” Epoxy Blue Handle, Stone/Ceramic Blade and a scraper Holder including fixings.




17″ Standard Speed Floor Pads BLUE

17″ Standard Speed Floor Pads BLUE

Wet scrubbing or medium duty spray cleaning. Removes heavy dirt and scuff marks

Exceeds at soil removal and absorption of soil residue without impairing performance due to clogging. Cushion fit to the contours of uneven floors. Splinter free non clogging pads

High density fibres and long lasting abrasives. Centre hole punch out for attachment to most rotary floor machines. 5 Pads per case. https://goo.gl/wxMM9S



Deb Stokoderm Sun Protect 50+ UV Sunscreen Spray 6 x 200 ml

Professional use sunscreen with UVA and UVB SPF50+ protection for outdoor workers.  A water resistant, spray liquid format for quick skin absorption and easy application. Moisturises the skin with 24-hour hydration to counteract dryness of sun stressed skin. Product type: Skin Care Product

The Deb Skin Care System™ Protect. Locations of use: Outdoor, Heavy Industrial, General & Light Industrial Office/Commercial/Leisure Construction. Marine https://goo.gl/OiA7Xr



Swarfega® Heavy 15 litre (12.5kg) Bucket

Swarfega® Heavy 15 litre (12.5kg) Bucket. Heavy duty gel formula hand cleaner containing non-abrasive micro-polymer granules and added conditioner to quickly remove deeply ingrained oil and grease soilings. Leaves skin feeling smooth after use. Product Type: Bulk Packs. Soiling: General DirtHeavy, OilHeavy, GreaseHeavy, TarMedium, TarHeavy, Inks & DyesMedium PaintsMedium, Bodyshop SoilingsMedium, AdhesivesMedium, CarbonMedium https://goo.gl/10Ky8v





The SEBO BS 36 COMFORT twin motor upright vacuum cleaner.

The SEBO BS 36 COMFORT twin motor upright vacuum cleaner. The Sebo BS36 Comfort has been developed to give excellent performance, outstanding reliability and easy maintenance. Its low weight and wide cleaning head makes it easy to clean large areas quickly and without fatigue. Built for professionals. https://goo.gl/cXKK0M

BS36 Comfort Front

Hygiemix Hygiene Socket Mop Head 250g BLUE

Hygiemix Hygiene Socket Mop Head 250g BLUE. Produced from 50/50 blend of bleached cotton yarns for absorbency and strength. Unique blend of cotton and synthetic yarn.  Designed to laundered. Colour codeylbu--_hygiemix_250gm_thp_blue(2)d for hygiene purposes. https://goo.gl/IJzxQL

Karcher Professional T 10/1 Adv. Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher Professional T 10/1 Adv. Dry Vacuum Cleaner. The T 10/1 Adv. brings new levels of quality and value to the contract cleaner tub vacuum sector. With key features designed to keep purchase and maintenance costs low. The T 10/1 Adv. offers the toughness, simplicity, performance and value contract cleaners demand. Container Capacity 10 litre. Motor 1250 W For more information please click on the image to go straight to our web site.  https://goo.gl/aw83ZV

t10 new image hi res

Karcher CV 38/2 Adv. Professional Upright Vacuum.

Karcher CV 38/2 Adv. Professional Upright Vacuum. Tough, high performance upright vacuum cleaner for professional applications, featuring individual brush and suction motors for superb cleaning performance and reliability. With fast, dust-free bag change, a range of tools and wander hose stored conveniently on the machine and a cleaning width of 38cm the CV 38/2 cleans quickly and thoroughly with the minimum of effort. Electronic brush overload protection. The yellow Highflex cord is extremely tough, flexible and anti-twist. It can be securely attached to the machine. Indicator light. Indicator light signals when the roller brush needs to be adjusted for maximum cleaning results. https://goo.gl/KOZPR0    cv 38 2