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Lancashire Hygiene Invites you to view our new clearance page

Lancashire Hygiene Invites you to view our new clearance page. Due to the large range of cleaning products being added weekly to our new look website, we have started to add items to clear at reduced prices to make room in our warehouse.

Website Click Here. www.lancashirehygiene.co.uk

Clearance site Click. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/lancashirehygiene

Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/lancashirehygienelimited/





Burnshield Hydrogel Spray Bottle 125ml

Burnshield Hydrogel Spray Bottle 125ml
Immediate Effective Treatment – Soothing, Cooling Relief for Burns, Scalds and Sunburn

Provides a Protective Barrier and Prevents the Burn Progressing through Healthy Tissue and Causing More Damage the sooner burns and scalds are treated, the better the outcome. To treat to skin damaged by flame, steam, hot water, sun or other intense heat, it is important to have the appropriate first aid supplies on hand and to use them as soon as possible after an incident occurs. https://goo.gl/u4YzQT


P23 Burnshield Hydrogel

Sterochef Blue Detectable Plaster 6cm x 2cm x 100

sterochefHypoallergenic adhesive, Complies with Food & Hygiene regulations (SI1990 No 1431) Metal detectable, Comprehensive range, Sterile/Individually wrapped, Conformable, Washproof, Box contains 100 plasters, £3.85 Please click on picture for more information https://goo.gl/VNGCKe