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Microfibre Long Pile Mop Head Green

Microfibre Long Pile Mop Head Green. 80/20 Polyester / Polyamide. Long pile holds more water & dirt. No need for pre sweeping Ideal for safety flooring. Great for larger mopping areas, canteens/kitchens. Colour coded. Approx. size 40cm x 13cm. 9.60 To be used with the Uniko Clip Frame Code No LHB278. 16.30

https://www.lancashirehygiene.co.uk/cleaning-supplies/mops-buckets-mopping-equipment/microfibre-flat-mopping1 long-pile-microfibre-green


Wet Floor Warning Sign

Wet Floor Warning Sign. Bright and noticeable warnings on both sides. Made from polypropylene. ‘A’ frame design. 24″ Height. Statistics state most slips happen on wet or dirty floors. These areas need to be cleaned immediately to ensure a safe working environment. Whilst carrying out cleaning tasks ensure wet floor signs are used during the cleaning process and remain in situ until the surface is dry and safe to be walked on. Click on image for more information > https://goo.gl/XiPJtH

wet floor sign

Truvox Orbis Duo Speed 200/400 17″ Rotary

 43 cm (17 inch) Duo High/Standard Speed 200/400. Orbis range of single disc rotaries offer exceptional handling and cost effective solution for cleaning and scrubbing hard floors. Ideal for both stripping and polishing floors. High productivity, 1100 watt motor High pad / brush pressure for effective cle https://goo.gl/d8hJRHOrbis-Duo

SYR TC20 Mopping Combo Bucket & Wringer Blue

Pick up and go handle on wringer. Recycled plastic bucket. Colour-coded to reduce cross-contamination. 75mm / 3″ non-marking swivel castors. A professional Kentucky mop bucket and wringer. Fits mops 16-20oz – 435 – 568g  ebony bluehttps://goo.gl/Wrz5u0