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Lancashire Hygiene Invites you to view our new clearance page

Lancashire Hygiene Invites you to view our new clearance page. Due to the large range of cleaning products being added weekly to our new look website, we have started to add items to clear at reduced prices to make room in our warehouse.

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Clearance site Click. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/lancashirehygiene

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Evans Vanodine Florazol Sandalwood Concentrated Deodoriser 1 ltr

Evans Vanodine Florazol Sandalwood Concentrated Deodoriser 1 ltr
Powerful, highly concentrated deodoriser.
This offer is brought to you by https://www.lancashirehygiene.co.uk
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20″ Hygiene Couch Rolls 2 ply White

20″ Hygiene Couch Rolls 2 ply White. The couch rolls comprise of perforated sheets, and are supplied individually wrapped for hygiene and protection in cases of 12 rolls. Features 2 ply 40m in length. Easy-tear perforations. Individually wrapped for hygiene Supplied in cases of 12 rolls. Specifications. Width: 20″ / 500mm. https://goo.gl/g7mAvE

Hygiene 500mm Rolls White


Synergise C/M Fold Paper Hand Towel Dispenser Polished Stainless Steel.

Synergise C/M Fold Paper Hand Towel Dispenser Polished Stainless Steel. A modern and stylish hand towel dispenser finished in a polished stainless. The key lockable unit is designed to dispense either C/Fold or Multifold Interleaved paper. A level indicator is placed at the front to ensure paper is replaced when required. All hand contact areas are protected with a powder coated gloss finish. Made in a quality polished stainless steel finish. https://goo.gl/CoL9zL


cm polished

Carousel Coreless Toilet Tissue Dispenser

The Carousel Coreless is a truly cost-effective solution to “High Traffic” washrooms. The Carousel Coreless dispenser boasts a capacity of 384m when full, offering 80% more capacity than its nearest like for like competitor. The Carousel Coreless translucent cover will reduce labour time opening the dispenser to check if refills are required. The Carousel Coreless dispenser is lockable ensuring your product stays secure whilst in use and not disguarded in the washroom. The Carousel Coreless uses next turn technology, this allows the consumer to bring the next toilet tissue into play simply by turning the large dial at the front of the dispenser.  This helps to ensure a constant availability of toilet tissue for the customer minimising the risk of running out. The Carousel Coreless will hold 4 x 96m rolls of toilet tissue Product Code LHD500. This product is compatible with the Coreless Carousel Toilet Tissue.  Product code LHP0431




Are you an owner, manager or responsible for any of the following;

Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Rest Homes, Nursing Homes, Nurseries, Primary and High Schools, Academies, Colleges, Councils, Office Environments or anywhere where you need to and should ensure your Staff, Residents, Pupils and the General Public are in the most hygienic surroundings possible. Lancashire Hygiene specialise in offering exceptional value for money with no minimum order on all your cleaning products, food processing chemicals, office cleaning supplies, Janitorial and Hygiene hardware products, packaging materials and all your catering and general cleaning requirements visit. http://www.lancashirehygiene.co.uk https://goo.gl/EHP9ZR

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Toilet Tissue 2 ply White Recycled 36 x 320 sheet

One of the Lancashire Hygiene Go-Green Recycled Toilet Tissue Products

Our toilet roll is made from 100% recycled paper.

A cost effective alternative to pure pulp products.

This means that no forests are cut down to provide the materials and the amount of paper ending up in landfill sites is reduced.

We think this is a great way of protecting our planet’s natural resources.

Case contains 36 x 320 sheet rolls

Standard toilet tissue https://goo.gl/6k23kF 

Mighty Wipe Heavy Weight Cloth Blue

This heavy weight non-woven cloth absorbs up to 10 times its own weight in water

Soft and Gentle but very strong

10 Cloths per pack

Size 38cm x 38cm


dosage pump 10/30 ml

Chemical Dosage Pump 30 / 10 ml with Restrictor Clip

For accurate delivery of a wide variety of highly viscous products such as hand soaps, detergents, cooking oils, food relishes, waxes and cleaning chemicals.

Standard closures 38mm 40mm, or 60ml.

Can accommodate a multitude of larger plastic or metal lids and closures.

Restrictor clip supplied to reduce the output of pump in 10ml stages.

Used widely in the E-Cigarette industry to fill E-Liquid capsules

Polypropylene with stainless steel ball/spring

Product listed is a 38mm closure https://goo.gl/U6aK0t